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Every member of West Midlands Police is proud to serve. Policing is our passion and our people bring to life our desire to prevent crime, protect the public and help those in need.

In addition to competitive salaries, continuous training, and local and national secondment opportunities, WMP offers attractive benefits such as childcare vouchers and discounted travel schemes.

This site lays out for all to see the commitment all our officers and staff make to the public their colleagues and themselves.

Our pledge to staff and their benefits are also recorded here. This is our People Deal.


Preventing crime, protecting people and helping those in need is our vision.

West Midlands Police is made up of people like you and these are the values which unite us all:

I prevent crime

  • I work in partnership to create safer communities
  • I am creative and think of new approaches

I offer friendship and service

  • I care about the people I serve
  • I am honest and I earn people's trust
  • I show friendship by helping the public, partners and colleagues - particularly those who may not realise they need our help

I am courageous and fair

  • I stand up for the right things
  • I challenge unreasonable and discriminatory behaviour
  • I make the right decisions, however tough they are
  • I want to work in a diverse team

I listen and learn

  • I accept and admit when I am wrong
  • I learn lessons
  • I let the public see how we work because I welcome openness

I am proud of what I do

  • I am a strong performer and colleagues can rely on me
  • I inspire others with my passion for policing
  • I challenge and address poor service
  • I deliver a service my family would be proud of

While our vision drives us and our shared values guide us, these are the principles under which WMP operates:

  • We trust our people to act with integrity and make good decisions
  • We listen to, involve and empower the public to create safer communities
  • We prevent crime through early intervention and partnership
  • We respond effectively and at pace to crimes in our communities
  • We apply an evidenced-based approach to problems and learning
  • Information drives our actions


This is our policing ambition for the next two years. Together we will:

  • Keep crime low
  • Inspire greater trust, especially from the young, the vulnerable and our diverse communities
  • Increase citizen participation in creating safer communities
  • Trust and care for our colleagues
  • Protect the public from terrorism, and serious and organised crime
  • Protect the most vulnerable from abuse
  • Prevent violence
  • Prevent dependency on public services by effective policing of repeat victims and callers, neighbourhoods, mental illness and persistent offenders
  • Offer more effective services by sharing problems and integrating with other agencies
  • Offer modern digital services that meet the needs of communities, staff and partners
  • Develop our ability to create insight and foresight from our information
  • Improve our efficiency to invest more resources in preventing crime

For more information follow this link to read the current Police and Crime Plan as set out by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.


The health and wellbeing of our staff is of primary importance.

While the force will create safe and healthy work places, there is much people can do to improve their own wellbeing. A new section of the intranet has been created with advice on all aspects of physical and mental health, physical safety, and more.

Follow this link to visit the dedicated health and wellbeing intranet pages.

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