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Help us find the 100 Little Things that will have the biggest impact on our performance


Opportunities to improve the way we work are all around us and it’s these opportunities - some of which may seem small and insignificant -that when combined can have the most impact.

Imagine a team where everyone takes accountability for improving what they do. Just a 1% improvement could make all the difference:

  • from taking a common-sense approach to closing that log
  • developing a plan for booking the team car or
  • scheduling a regular update to stakeholders to minimise the number of calls for you and your team

The Challenge

We’re challenging everyone to help us find 100 Little Things that will improve our performance - to think, to share to act!

This is not about what others can do, but what you can commit to doing and taking accountability for being the change you want to see.

Ask yourself...

  1. What can I do to improve the way I work or the work of the team?
  2. Who do I talk to to make this happen?
  3. Who do I share my commitments with - my peers, my team, my manager?

...then, make it happen!

Share your ideas and how it’s going

We’ve set up a forum for all your ideas and updates on how your 100 Little Things are going.

If things have worked and really helped you and your team, other people need to know so we can all share that knowledge.  If things haven’t made much of a difference, that’s OK – at least your tried something new. But other people could benefit from your experience so they can tweak things to see if it would work for them.

Follow this link and start a conversation.


Click on the image to download the 100 Little Things worksheet

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