WMP People Leaders promise to create an environment which supports, challenges and enables our people to be the best they can be to bring the vision and values to life

Our People leaders are...

Our People Leaders are…

  • Service improvers
  • Trust builders
  • Inspirational role models
  • People developers
  • Organisational advocates
  • Performance managers

WMP Leadership Promise

  • I lead by example to deliver the WMP vision and values
  • I am self-aware and understand my impact on others
  • I make timely and effective decisions and trust my team to do the same
  • I recognise hard work, and challenge inappropriate behaviour and underperformance
  • I care about the wellbeing of my colleagues
  • I support and encourage others to do the right thing, even when it's difficult
  • I seek and value different perspectives and build meaningful, trusting relationships
  • I enable others to be the best that they can be
  • I encourage everyone to work together to deliver creative solutions
  • I seek and give honest feedback so that we can all continuously improve