What WMP expects from you

I prevent crime

  • I work in partnership to create safer communities
  • I am creative and think of new approaches
  • Some examples of expected behaviours are:
  • I look beyond the immediate situation opportunities to prevent harm
  • willingly share knowledge, information or experience to help or support others
  • build on what exists with new ideas and creative approaches, as opposed to trying to fix things that are not broken
  • make the very best of my time at work so that we can use our resources to prevent crime more effectively

I offer friendship and service

  • I care about the people I serve
  • I am honest and I earn people's trust
  • I show friendship by helping the public, partners and colleagues - particularly those who may not realised they need our help
  • Some examples of expected behaviours are:
  • I care for and consider other people's needs and views
  • respect, appreciate and offer genuine care and kindness to others
  • offer support and encourage others to seek help when needed
  • create a positive, trusting and happy environment by building relationships, having honest dialogues, and valuing others´ opinions

I am courageous and fair

  • I stand up for the right things
  • I challenge unreasonable and discriminatory behaviour
  • I make the right decisions, however tough they are
  • I want to work in a diverse team
  • Some examples of expected behaviours are:
  • I challenge and have honest conversations to support others to demonstrate the values in everything we do
  • I constructively contribute to decision making
  • I welcome and encourage constructive feedback so that I can learn and improve
  • I champion equality and fairness and demonstrate this in how I treat others (within the organisation and outside)
  • I celebrate our differences and recognise everyone's contribution

I listen and learn

  • I accept and admit when I am wrong
  • I learn lessons
  • I let the public see how we work because I welcome openness
  • Some examples of expected behaviours are:
  • I know I don't have all the answers and I am comfortable to ask for help from others
  • I learn from others inside and outside the organisation
  • I am open to change, thinking differently, learning new skills and new ways of working
  • I say when I get it wrong and put things right. I learn from my mistakes and share this learning with others
  • I understand my strengths and areas for development and strive to improve

I am proud of what I do

  • I am a strong performer and colleagues can rely on me
  • I inspire others with my passion for policing
  • I challenge and address poor service
  • I deliver a service my family would be proud of
  • Some examples of expected behaviours are:
  • I take personal ownership for my work, career and happiness
  • I recognise good performance in others and myself, and look for opportunities to share great work
  • I strive to exceed expectations by understanding the needs of my colleagues, the public and partners
  • I demonstrate our values, believe in WMP and share our vision and successes with pride

People Deal

The People Deal outlines what West Midlands Police expects from our people and what our people can expect in return from the organisation.

It brings to life the behaviours each of us can demonstrate to achieve our vision and what each and every one of us needs to do to deliver.

The deal was developed through feedback from officers and staff. It is the voice of our people who are passionate about policing.

We expect all of our people to deliver our vision and values.

Click on this side of the People Deal to better understand the sort of behaviours expected from each one of us in order to live by our values.

As an organisation, we are committed to providing you with the support needed to demonstrate the behaviours we expect from our people.

Click on this side of the People Deal to learn more about the support you can expect from WMP.

Click on the WMP Leadership Promise to learn more about what we expect from our leaders.

What you can expect from WMP


Your force

  • Compelling vision and values
  • Trust in you to act and make the right decisions
  • Leaders who challenge and support you to prevent crime
  • Strong focus on your health and wellbeing
  • Some of the elements of our plan to enable these during 2016/ 17 are:
  • Vision and values underpin key policies and practice
  • Revised HR/ PSD policies that enable the right behaviours
  • “WMP Learning Leaders Programme” for all leaders, at all levels
  • Employee Assistance Programme and enhanced health and wellbeing offerings

Your job

  • Your views sought and listened to
  • Skills and equipment to do your job
  • Tools to share knowledge and help each other
  • Performance is recognised or fairly challenged
  • Some of the activities that are in our plan to enable these during 2016/ 17 are:
  • A wider range of opportunities and channels to contribute views and ideas
  • Skills development for changing roles and tools to support preventative and agile ways of working
  • On-line social networking to enable you to share ideas and help each other
  • New approach to performance management

Your career

  • Fair opportunities to grow and develop
  • Access to learning
  • Difference is valued
  • People are valued for their contribution, not position
  • Some of the activities that are in our plan to enable these during 2016/ 17 are:
  • Refreshed recruitment, positive action and promotion processes to ensure fair treatment for all
  • Proactive career management for officers and staff, to include Continued Professional Development, dwell times and career pathways
  • On-line leadership development material accessible to all

Your rewards

  • An environment where timely and appropriate recognition is the norm
  • Respect for work life balance
  • Flexible benefits
  • Some of the elements of our plan to enable these during 2016/ 17 are:
  • Day to day appreciation of colleagues encouraged through leadership development and communication campaigns
  • Employee benefits accessible to all, in one place, via on-line self service
  • Range of benefits which appeal to different life and career stages and include health promotion and support and advice for those with caring responsibilities

WMP People Leaders promise to create an environment which supports, challenges and enables our people to be the best they can be to bring the vision and values to life

Our People leaders are...

WMP Leadership Promise

  • I lead by example to deliver the WMP vision and values
  • I am self-aware and understand my impact on others
  • I make timely and effective decisions and trust my team to do the same
  • I recognise hard work, and challenge inappropriate behaviour and underperformance
  • I care about the wellbeing of my colleagues
  • I support and encourage others to do the right thing, even when it's difficult
  • I seek and value different perspectives and build meaningful, trusting relationships
  • I enable others to be the best that they can be
  • I encourage everyone to work together to deliver creative solutions
  • I seek and give honest feedback so that we can all continuously improve